Eating Psychology Coaching

Make peace with your food.  Address unwanted eating habits.  Call a ceasefire with your body.  Stop dieting once and for all.  One-on-one, individualized virtual coaching.

You Will Benefit from Working with An Eating Psychology Coach If You Have Concerns About:

  • Overeating

  • Binge Eating

  • Stress/Emotional Eating

  • Chronic Yo Yo Dieting

  • Food "Addiction"

  • Food Guilt

  • Poor Body Image

  • Nutrition Confusion

  • Disordered Eating

  • Eating Disorder Recovery

Nutrition is more than just "what" you eat -
The *how* and *why* you eat matter too.

What to expect

Eating Psychology Coaching is a mixture of unlearning, relearning, and rewiring, respectful inquiry, conversation, listening, teaching points, experimentation, exploration, and well-chosen action steps. It’s designed to help you make peace with food, to properly evaluate and re-adjust your goals when necessary, and help you have an empowered relationship with food and body.  We will meet weekly(ish) for 1-hour virtual appointments, via Zoom.

  • Eating Psychology Coaching

    A new & cutting-edge field where the disciplines of Psychology & Nutrition come together to help people struggling with food & unwanted eating habits transform their relationship with food & their body. 

  • Intuitive Eating

    Using the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating as a form of self-care, we will take a non-diet approach that is weight inclusive & evidence based.

  • [Gentle] Nutrition

    Make food choices that honor your health & taste preferences, while making you feel good.  You don’t have to eat perfectly to be healthy. You will not suddenly become nutrient deficient or change your overall wellness from one snack, one meal, or one day of eating.  It’s what you eat consistently over time that matters – progress, not perfection, is what counts. 

  • Body Image

    Body image has less to do with the way your body looks & more to do with what the “little voice in your head” says about your body & your reflection.  Dissatisfaction with your body is driven by diet culture conditioning us to think that we have to be thin in order to be healthy.  Separating your weight from your self-worth is vital to transforming your body image.

  • Mindful Eating

    Your behavior around food is key factor in transforming who you are as an eater.  When you eat with awareness & are intentional around tasting, enjoying, and receiving pleasure from your food, what you eat becomes way more satisfying.  Being on autopilot with food can create challenges.  Together, we will work through these challenges in order to create & adopt healthy behaviors around food as you become a mindful eater.

Along with exploring your relationship to food and movement, we will discuss other factors that influence your health, such as childhood experiences, work, key relationships, overall satisfaction with life, and other stressors, as they're all connected to your well-being and your relationship with food.

Coaching Philosophy

My anti-diet, weight neutral, Health at Every Size® approach uses “gentle nutrition” as a guide to help you re-cultivate the intuitive eater you were when you were born.  Our behaviors impact our health, and weight is not a behavior.  We can’t look at a person & know whether or not they’re healthy based on their appearance.  Eating Psychology Coaching & Intuitive Eating honor body diversity & acknowledge that bodies change, while focusing on healthy behaviors, mindset, and overall wellbeing, rather than the size of your body.

For more info on the coaching process see the FAQ tab. To schedule a free, 30-min Zoom Consultation, click the "Book Free Zoom Consultation" button above.

Pay in Full
Payment Options

10 sessions

$84 per Session
  • $840 / Paid in Full

20 sessions

$79 per Session
  • $1580 / Paid in Full

30 sessions

$74 per Session
  • $2220 / Paid in Full

[Gentle] Nutrition

Nutrition can be complicated & complex, but it absolutely doesn’t have to be.  If you are confused by all the different diets out there or feel overwhelmed by all of the opposing nutrition information you’ve come across in articles & on the internet - YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! 

When you become a [Gentle] Nutrition client, I will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition in an easy-to-understand, buildable, step-by-step process.  You & I will meet for five 1-hour virtual appointments, done weekly(ish) via Zoom.  [Gentle] Nutrition is free of rigid food “rules”; there is no counting or tracking, period.  

To learn more about the [Gentle] Nutrition Program,  schedule a free, 30-min Gentle Nutrition Consultation.

5 sessions

$84 per Session
  • $420 Paid in Full

Public Speaking

Schedule a free 60-min consultation to discuss topics & rates for public speaking engagements.

Ideas for possible topics:

  • Break Free From Yo-yo Dieting

  • Raising Body Positive Kids

  • Make Peace with Food

  • [Gentle] Nutrition

  • Bodies Change – for Teens & Preteens

  • Building Better Body Image

  • Mindful Eating

  • How You Eat is Just as Important as What You Eat

  • The Difference Between Fullness and Satisfaction

  • Eating When You’re Not Hungry – The Four Different Types of Hunger

  • Health at Every Size

  • Intuitive Eating: The 10 Principles

  • Healthy Habits: The Big 6

  • Health, Not Diets

  • Why Can’t I Lose Weight: SLEEP

  • Stress, Hunger, Food & Weight – How It’s All Related

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