Emily LaVoie

Certified Eating Psychology Coach

Hello, I'm Emily

Are you tired of feeling “crazy” or out of control around food? Being unhappy with your body? Diets that don’t work?

... I’m Emily & I help people make peace with food.

Do you:

  • Think about food all the time?

  • Eat, even though you’re not hungry?

  • Wish you had more willpower & self-control?

  • Feel guilt, shame or regret if you overeat or binge eating?

  • Have a closet full of clothes but nothing you feel comfortable/confident wearing?

Take a deep breath …
You’re in the right place.
Eating Psychology Coaching can address all those concerns & more …

Do you:

  • Struggle with stress or emotional eating?

  • Hate looking in the mirror?

  • Workout to “make up for” something you ate?

  • Refuse to keep your favorite foods in the house because you know you’ll eat them all?

  • Promise yourself to “start over” every Monday?

I completely understand how you feel - that used to be me.  It was exhausting.  I can help you find food freedom.

Do you:

  • Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight … repeat.

  • Feel successful in other areas of your life – except for with food & weight?

  • Sabotage yourself right when start to see results?

  • Turn to food for comfort, boredom, stress, anxiety or depression?

  • Swear. You’ve. Tried. Every. Single. Diet.

Been there, done that. I can help you get out of the never-ending spin cycle you feel stuck in.

Are you:

  • Knowledgeable about nutrition but can’t seem to apply it?

  • “Addicted” to food?

  • Binge eating in secret & carefully hiding the “evidence”?

  • Recovering for an eating disorder & looking for support?

  • Always putting yourself last?

It’s time to call a cease fire with food & stop hating your reflection.

I help people break free from diet culture to find food freedom.

If you're tired of feeling “crazy” or out of control around food? Being unhappy with your body? Or diets that don’t work?

... I’m Emily & I can help you make peace with food.

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Working with Emily is like a breath of fresh air.  Every session is a gift – with new concepts and ideas to explore, and techniques to try – and Emily is great fun to work with.  She brings the concepts of Intuitive Eating, positive body image and gentle movement to life, and she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon.  After years of trying to puzzle out how to turn down the volume on my conflicting thoughts about food, I’ve finally found an approach that makes sense and brings me some peace of mind. It was staggering how much energy and time I was wasting worrying about what I was eating – time I could have been using for other, more interesting things!  What has struck me most in the six months we’ve been working together is how her kind and thoughtful approach has made such a difference to how I feel about my body and how I look after it.  It’s not a quick fix.  Getting away from diet culture and into a self-compassionate, intuitive eating mind set takes time and effort – and it is so worth it!  It has turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made in terms of improved mental health and having a healthier, positive relationship with my body and food.  Working with Emily is like talking to a good friend.  One of those funny, wise and super kind friends who make you feel better after you’ve spoken.  Every time.

Cath E.

Edinburg, Scotland
Amy Stroo

Emily has helped me to completely transform my relationship with food and my body after decades of disordered eating habits and body image issues. Healing my relationship with food and my body required me to be open and vulnerable, which is something I struggle with, but Emily helped me to feel comfortable and safe, and it is the reason I have been able to make such progress. Emily is knowledgeable and professional, and it is obvious that Emily truly cares for her clients and their success. I am incredibly grateful for Emily and the work she does, and I hope one day eating psychology becomes as mainstream as diet culture.

Amy S.

Bourbonnais, IL

When I first met Emily, I was really struggling with food, had a very poor body image, and felt physically weak most of the time. She helped me to uncover a lot of the underlying issues that caused my unhealthy relationship with food. I'm so thankful that she was open with me about her own past struggles. Her vulnerability allowed me to feel comfortable and safe. She has such a big heart and cares deeply about each and every one of her clients. Over the years, I've learned a lot about self love, body confidence, and how nutrition isn't just about eating. It's more about learning how to live freely without restriction. Not only is Emily the most compassionate, loving, and supportive person I know,  but she truly lives the lifestyle she teaches which has given me a lot of hope throughout my journey. Something she taught me that I'll never forget is that "all bodies are good bodies". I think that more people should embrace this truth.

Sydney C.

Peotone, IL

Emily does crucial, life changing work. After a traumatic year (including a lengthy hospitalization, new health diagnosis and losing our newborn son), my body changed drastically. I didn’t recognize myself physically. It felt impossible to ‘get back to normal’. Working with Emily over the past few years, she helped me see that MY goal isn’t to ‘get back to normal’. Figuring out a new normal and listening to my body are far more important than a goal weight or stringent diet plan (which is unsustainable for me anyway!)  Emily helped uncover and weed out sources of stress; focus on healthy lifestyle choices;  and pinpoint intuitive eating habits that point me towards my goals-health and happiness.  She’s also helped me to consider how a body image as a mom, impacts my daughters.  The day I finally *LISTENED* to her message and abandoned our toxic diet culture, I felt like a new person. Emily’s work is grounded in research and focused on treating patients as a whole person.  My body is not perfect and I will always have goals. Emily gave me health tools to keep reaching for them. I continue to rely on her social media feed as a source of encouragement and reminder of the important lessons I learned with her!

Amanda F.

Bourbonnais, IL
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